Created in 1991 by a group of friends passionate about basketball, the club has not ceased to develop itself over the last 26 years.

First called “Wallabies” the club changed it’s name in 1993, during the course of the preparation for the 1994  New York Gay Games. Entre 2 Basket was born and will represent the image of sportsmanship and passion for the game on the French and international sport scene.

Following the great “20 year celebration tournament” acclaimed by French and foreign teams, E2b will organize in 2016 a tournament to commemorate 25 years of existence. A fantastic opportunity to reunite, to share our passion for basketball and might as well have fun all together.

E2b also annually participates in the International tournament of Paris (TIP), where she welcomed in 2015 during the period of the tournament, teams from England, Netherlands, Germany, Israel, Spain and France.

More over E2b annually engages a team in the Ile-de-France inter-professional championship, the FSGT, performances are needless to say remarkable.

With about a hundred members, of which one third of them are girls, E2b is a sport and leisure association that tries to create opportunities to meet and share friendly moments both on the court and off, during our many other events.

Latest notable performance, our boys team won a silver medal during the Cleveland Gay Games in 2014.

The passion for sports, for basketball, for the beautiful game and team spirit are the key words of our association.

Join us to write the next chapter…